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2021 New York Jets

Key Takeaways From 4 Part Jets Documentary flight 2021

Cautiously optimistic is the phrase I would use to explain what I’ve been feeling, that is before June twenty first twenty twenty one at 8PM.

First off, absolutely a first rate job by the Jets video crew.

The detail, the emotion the emphasis on driving home a message, This is different.

Hats off to everyone involved.

The star of the show was Robert Saleh front and center.

It felt like he some how infused his personality into the building and it bled through even Joe Douglas who always seems buttoned up and stoic.

The Johnsons seem different, they seem comfortable and even enthused at the potential of this front office and coaching staff.

Joe Douglas as the master of ceremonies.

His core beliefs have been made clear and everyone seemed to have bought in which made it easier for Saleh’s hire and transition.

A content crew behind the scenes.

From pro personnel to scouts and from office staff everyone feels like we feel out here.

You can fake a lot of things but you can tell that everyone believes.

The free agents seem genuinely happy to be here and with everything I listed above there’s no doubt that they feel it to which made signing here an option.

Finally, the rookies.

Every last one of these prospects seem to be outstanding people before football players.

Their football talents also seem to match who they are drives home the point that this Jets organization has finally reached a place where there’s one voice.

Everyone knows what the plan is and they’re all in.

Any adjectives I use to describe my feelings now wouldn’t do it justice.

I love this team and this is what my dream organization looks like now let’s go do it on the field. J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS.

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