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2021 New York Jets

2021 New York Jets: A Mixed Bag In A Loss To Miami

In this episode of New York Jets football, good football was played, flashes from young promising players was had but ultimately this team couldn’t beat a recently hot but bottom of the barrel Miami team. Joe Flacco who started did his job, performing admirably reading through Miami’s blitz packages and delivering the ball with precision more often than not in his two touchdown performance.

Joe Flacco’s start was about composed QB play which was needed with how all or nothing the play at the position had been. This steady play showed us what Elijah Moore can do but also gives the QBs on the sideline something to shoot for. The aforementioned Moore with his best performance yet showing his burst and route running, putting up 141 yards out of 8 of 11 targets. Moore showed every conceivable way he can help this team, ways that fans had been begging for from the beginning of the season.

The bad was represented by the Jets play on defense. From the first drive they seemed a few straps behind the Miami offense, couldn’t cover any of the Dolphins targets which lead to opportunities to run the ball for a team that was one of the worst in the league rushing the ball. To top it all off this defense was undisciplined in the most in opportune of times with a late hit penalty against Franklin-Myers on third down and holding penalty also on a third down when the team needed calm and discipline the most. The talent on this team is apparent but unfortunately the sheer amount of injuries at important positions on this team shines a glaring light on how thin this roster is.

There are noticeable issues on this team but most alarming has been with coaching. In my opinion those are very fixable. This organization needs experience. From the coaching staff down to the players, they’re all going through it together The hope is that these flashes from players like Michael Carter and Elijah Moore are the sparks that will start the fire we as fans have been longing for.

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