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2022 New York Jets

2022 New York Jets: Wilson Steals The Show But Brady Steals The Win

No one expected the lowly New York Jets to put up such a performance against the defending champs. The story of the day had to be the steady, poised and decisive version if Zach Wilson. This must be the guy Jets brass fell in love with, he was accurate and on time like in that touchdown pass to Berrios where he caught the snapped ball, took two steps and fired a laser, giving his wideout the time and space to turn upfield and dive at the pylon.

Mike Lefleur had been coming to Wilsons aid with a lot of colorful plays making sure the offense stayed on schedule but in this game while the Buccs played zone on defense Zach took the opportunity to pick them apart, threading the ball into tight windows to Cole, Jeff Smith and Kenny Yeboah. The defending champs did adjust playing more man later the in the second quarter but Lefluer had adjustments on deck like that throw to a wide-open tight end Brown for a first down. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that abhorrent 4th down play call, the idea to go for it was great but why that call? I needed an hour to get over it.

Clearly the Buccs were out of sorts on offense but for this team to be as depleted as they were and still give everything they had, to take advantage of that situation means this organization has changed and this game was the proof. Robert Saleh’s brand of football has permeated this squad and it’s a great feeling to have.

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