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2021 New York Jets

Bills end the New York Jets season With A Crash

Last time we saw the Bills we were on the receiving end of a complete thrashing. It looked like a playback episode at first. add a touchdown that everyone knew wasn’t one being called legitimate and it felt like we were cruising towards another blowout. Fortunately a mixture of Josh Allen unforced errors and a defense with a never say die attitude kept the Jets in the game.

Zach Wilson has shown several layers of growth, poise and decisive decision making but it would be almost impossible to expect a great outcome when he was missing so many of his brothers at arms. The vast chasm in talent rared its ugly head over and over but the enormous amount of pride and fight left in the Jets just wouldn’t allow for a break. They held on until they couldn’t and that speaks to how Robert Saleh has gotten everyone to buy in.

It wasn’t pretty but it has been ugly for a long time what’s different is the appears to be a bright light at the end of this long tunnel. The 2021 draft brought an emerging nucleus of young talent that are consistent about their live for the game and are leaders on and off the field. The Jets seem to finally have leadership in place but need talent to close that gap in the division. It’s your time to shine again Joe Douglas and if 2021 was the go-ahead score this has to be the walk-off.

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