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2021 New York Jets

2021 New York Jets: When The Saints Came Marching In To Destroy The Jets

Welcome friends to another Jets lose game summary, brought to you by 7 three and outs, two loss of downs, 4 Ty Johnson drops a defense that can’t stop the run and a partridge in a pear tree. As Jets fans we are used to these recurring nightmares the only thing that brings us back is our fanatical belief that one day these Jets will be competitive around this time of year.

The Jets came into the game with the understanding that Tasom Hill should be contained, Kamara should not get to the edge of their defense but they failed miserably at both of those, displaying poor discipline and at times their will was none existent. Jets edge players have been putried all year and every team has taken advantage of that.

Jets we’re injured at running back and it showed. Both Perine and Ty Johnson were bad at both running and catching. Zach Wilson still can’t get consistent throwing the ball short though he did have some nice in rhythm throws, one to Griffin on a second and nine and another to Crowder. Mims erased himself from the game with two consecutive penalties, one illegal hands to the face and he couldn’t line up right, illegal formation plus the wide receivers couldn’t get open, so many times off play action Zach had time but no one separated.

After the game Robert Saleh’s message to fans remain the same, “this thing will flip soon” we have heard this before but just maybe this time for the depths of the NFL cellars might crawl a new look Jets and for once it might not be a dream. Just maybe.

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