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2022 New York Jets

New York Jets Fans Have To Stop Saying “What If?”

From the days of the “Mud Bowl” the New York Jets franchise has had a great relationship with “What If”. Fans spend an incredible amount of optimism thinking about those near misses positively. In my opinion that only happens when those are all you have. I understand the feeling but if you remove yourself for a second you can grasp how miserable it must be to squeeze juice out of a dry lemon. I love being a Jets fan but those close calls can’t be our calling card.

Fans are the only ones visualizing near misses as positives. Players know how difficult it is to return to those same situations so a loss is all it is viewed as. Yes Patrick Mahomes could have been a Jet but there are several different sides to that story that don’t show the Jets in a positive light’ at the top stands our history of cultivating high-end QBs. Belicheck could have turned this franchise into a winner but would he have had the chance to draft Ton Brady?

These moments should be viewed as what they were “missed opportunities” and they turned out that way for several reasons that we all know too well. This franchise’s lack of competent front offices might be one. I understand those memories hurt and being the butt of money at NFL jokes is not a fun experience. What will make us ultimately feel better is what Joe Douglas is building. The infusion of talent on this team recently gives them a chance to stop these conversations for ever. Eventually the tide will turn and for every close call our elation will grow tenfold. Our time will come, we don’t need to defend the past it is what it is let’s Jet forward.

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