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2022 New York Jets

2022 New York Jets: Almost Doesn’t Count Again in Buffalo

Robert Saleh at the podium after another close game appeared emotional but resolute to the fact that his team can go toe to toe with anyone in the NFL. He proclaimed that the New York Jets will see the Buffalo Bills very soon, which was puzzling since they only get to see each other twice a season unless he meant the playoffs. Garrett Wilson after the game was also perplexed about what his coach said but ultimately I think this locker room gets it. They have responded to their coach’s emotional statements before, his “taking receipts” comment took the NFL talk show world by storm. A handful of responses to his statement were ridiculing in nature but some also understood what he was trying to attain. Saleh’s belief in this Jets roster has been steadfast. He knows that he can squeeze more production out of them and he has already verified this as they have won seven games this season, more than anyone thought possible. He is again trying to extract that last bit of juice they seem to be lacking at the moment. That bit of juice would have won them the last few games.
Mike White has emerged as a better Quarterback than anyone thought making legitimate top-tier throws over and over again and solidifying the belief that his teammates seem to have in him with a gritty performance in Buffalo. Garrett Wilson is a bonafide superstar wideout who just broke the Jets franchise rookie wideout yards for a season and this defense is one of the best in the NFL holding the Bills to their lowest offensive output twice this season. Led cby Quinnen Williams who has been top three in interior defensive play throughout the NFL. Though these statements are true, key details are missing. These include efficiency on early downs, untimely penalties, one of the worst third-down conversion rates, and red zone ineptitude. Those have been big, recently causing the team to come up short against two of the better NFL teams this year. One component I kept out of the list is Mike Lefluer’s playcalling. He has been all over the map and if this team will be competing for playoff births he has to be a world better than he is now. He has to stop the use of Braxton Berrios over Elijah Moore. One player is a supremely talented wide receiver the other is a backup at best. Walking the thin line between having your guy who you appreciate but also understanding his limitations are necessary in this position. His first and second-down playcalling has been lacking causing the team to constantly find themselves in third and long. Though he sometimes come up with great concepts there is an inconsistency there, he leans sometimes to the flashy side instead of those rooted in simplicity and physicality. It may just be his inexperience but he has to rise above that.
The Jets need to eliminate the self-inflicted mistakes.
These compound all other issues they struggle with at the moment, against the Bills Corey Davis before his exit with a head injury had a couple bad penalties add Mosley’s back-breaking offsides call where he was baited by the Bills and the few by the offensive line and you have chaos. As promising as the New York Jets are they are not capable of overcoming such disarray. Robert Saleh’s belief in this team has pushed them this far. To get to their ultimate goal there has to be that extra sixty percent. Let’s see if Coach Saleh is right, Let’s see if they have what it takes to overcome almost and reach the promised land.

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