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2021 New York Jets

2021 New York jets: Mile high fiasco

Being rational, cool and calm is my thing but this is pretty difficult even for me. ‘We all knew this would be quite the arduous task’ will be a common phrase in any Jets conversation this season and rightly so but that doesn’t mean I’m not bothered by what has been an ugly first three games. Zach Wilson wasn’t as bad as last game but this time the team didn’t show up.

Zach Wilsons in game process has been shifted to indecisive partly because his most trusted target Corey Davis has let him down multiple times, his line has been consistently inconsistent and his young play caller is struggling to get his footing in the NFL.

Scheming open quick outlets for Zach Wilson should be Mike Lefluer’s number one priority but in my opinion it seems like he is caught up in creating his own identity out of a scheme that’s pretty popular around the league. But ultimately like Robert Saleh pointed out after the game NFL football is about precision and execution and there has been very little of these processes in the first three games.

Corey Davis’s first drop was a very good throw from Wilson putting the ball in a position away from the incoming tackler so Davis can shield himself but like last weeks interception the ball hit Davis right in the hand only to fall to the ground.

This and every other missed block at the line and dropped catch interferes with Zach Wilson’s progress in game and also creates issues with the rhythm needed when calling plays. On defense there are less glaring issues but what the offense hasn’t provided is a complement to what they have been doing.
Winning games this early will take the whole team playing complimentary and they’re not as far away as it seems which makes it even more annoying. Jets fans I understand your pain and dealing with this with a technical explanation is like white noise at this point but please take solace in the fact that it’s the early part of a long season and we still believe that Robert Saleh is the right man for the job.

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