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2023 New York Jets

2022 New York Jets: Disappointment Breeds Discontent

Incomplete passes, missed blocks, blown-up screens, and giving up huge runs on defense. These happen in most football games every Saturday and Sunday but they feel different when they come with the disappointment of missed opportunities. This New York Jets team was once on the path to competent football in late December but it was derailed by many different variables that need to be addressed. They’re young and extremely talented in several areas so there’s a foundation to build on but there are question marks at some of the most important positions.
Not being able to take advantage of one of the worst-ranked defenses in the NFL in Seattle has to be befuddling. A run game and a passing game that looked out of sorts paint a pretty dim picture so drastic changes will have to be made and they’ve already begun with the parting of ways between the team and offensive coordinator Mike Lefleur, offensive line coach John Benton. Benton was served a pretty bad hand with the incredible amount of injuries at the offensive line but ultimately parting ways was more about keeping wiggle room available for the new incoming offensive coordinator. Robert Saleh is being tested at the moment, he needs to honestly evaluate everything about his staff and team to get the best outcome going forward. This stands the same for the Joe Douglas and the front office. There is a foundation here but the Johnsons didn’t hire these guys to build a foundation, they are here to build a winning franchise and last time I checked almost doesn’t count.
To build on what they have solidifying the quarterback position is paramount. Your team is nothing without a field general and the lack of someone at the helm is the reason the Jets fell short of their goals. Ideally spending big on free agency looks like the way to go given that skill position wise they seem complete but finding a way to fix that offensive line is key. Becton and Vera-Tucker will be back with Tomlinson who had a woeful season but that just two positions out of five. Joe Douglas did do a hell of a job to get bodies for the line but most didn’t work out. McGovern, at center, will be a free agent, he had been incredibly serviceable but do they try to upgrade, do they part ways with Fant who has been a mixed bag. Everything hangs in the balance for this coach and the front office. They’ve had some time here and though this year was ultimately a success this wasn’t the destination. A thriving, successful organization is the destination, it’s easier to get talented wideouts running backs, and corners but getting or building the right QB is everything and ultimately that’s what will steer this ship. Let’s hope that they’ve adjusted their plans to accommodate a true leader and a five-man line to protect him. It’s time Joe, to get us to the promised land.

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