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2023 New York Jets

2023 New York Jets: A New Fan Experience Is On The Horizon

The circumstances surrounding 2023 for the New York Jets are substantial. Joe Namath was many moons ago and every attempt at replacing him has fallen flat.

Like most team sport dungeon dwellers gang Green fans almost never get their wishes granted until now.

They’re the underdog, the misfits, the ugly girl who never got asked to the prom. With such meager possibilities, creating your own path is the only way.

The New York Jets have taken the bull by the horn with the hiring of Joe Douglas and the subsequent hiring of Robert Saleh and his staff.

Their bold vision for this organization at first mirrored failed undertakings by past GM and coach combinations until the draft of 2022.

That changed the trajectory of the green and white pointing them squarely at the hall of fame to be quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Never has there been a player of that magnitude at one Jets drive.

From his introductory press conference to his first walk onto the field at OTA’s, Rodgers has been shifting every narrative, every step he takes in the halls at One Jets drive introduces a never before felt feeling and a never before seen angle, opening eyes and minds to new possibilities and injecting life into a fan base that has hungered for supporting glory.

No game has been played or won but yet still a New York Jets jersey evokes a positive attitude from even fans of their cross-town rivals.

This in no way was Joe Douglas’s goal, though building this inescapable energy plays a huge part in it.

Personally, I love it.

Everyone wants to talk about my Jets and how I feel about their prospects which is a complete turn from telling me how terrible my team will be.

The Rodgers effect has also somehow poisoned the well against most negative Jets takes by TV and Radio analysts.

Most get shouted down by a wide range of NFL fans on social media for any Jets take that seems negative with no fact-based backup.

Furthermore, there’s excitement brewing and an overwhelming sense of optimism by non-Jets fans even though the goal still hasn’t been achieved, and for the first time that goal is in fact the Vince Lombardi trophy.

That type of exceptionalism hasn’t been at the Jets since way before I was born.

It would be otherworldly to experience what it would be like as a fan to see it happen and like most of my brethren I will be front and center ready to absorb every once because if anyone deserves this it’s the New York Jets fan base.

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