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2021 New York Jets Mock Draft

Mock Draft Monday: New York Jets Mock Draft 5.0

Ten more sleeps. Ten more and the 2021 NFL Draft will finally be here. Free agency before the draft is all but done meaning the rosters are practically locked in until draft night. Obviously with the amount of big names still available, moves will be made but not until after teams know what positions they were able to fill with younger players.

By now, most of us know about the top prospects in the country, but hopefully what this will do for you is learn more about the depth of the draft and about guys that will likely hear their name called in the later rounds. Not only that, but what could possibly be going through the minds of a Joe Douglas when they are making their decisions.

Without further ado, the New York Jets are now on the clock.

Round 1, Pick 2

Trade Offers: N/A

What am I thinking?

You can write this one in ink. Zach Wilson will be a New York Jet on April 29th. Not much more that can be said on the youngster from Utah. Remember, he is not the savior right now, the team still needs a lot of work, but this could be a big next step in the right direction.

Selection: QB Zach Wilson, BYU

Round 1, Pick 23

Trade Offers:     Buffalo – 23 for 30 and a 2022 3rd round pick

        Cleveland – 23 for 26 and 91

What am I thinking?

These are practically the same trades but with the Browns, we only go back three picks and get a third round pick this year, ruling out the Bills. Now when we look at the board, both Alijah Vera-Tucker and Greg Newsome are off the board, but we still have Teven Jenkins, Caleb Farley and Creed Humphrey on the board. By only moving back three spots we are all but guaranteed to see at least one of them fall to that spot. While there may be a preference from me, in this scenario getting any one of those three names is worth getting another top 100 pick.

Trade Accepted with the Cleveland Browns!

Round 1, Pick 26

Trade Offers:     N/A

What am I thinking?

Well, that trade almost came to bite us in the you know what. Browns ended up selecting Rashod Bateman but the following two picks were Creed Humphrey and Teven Jenkins leaving only Caleb Farley on the board. The injuries are a concern, no doubt about it. Back injuries are no joke and should not be taken lightly. With that being said, this is only the pick if his medicals are cleared by the team doctors. If they are his play on the field is too tough to pass up here at 26. His combination of length for the position and fluidity, speed and ball skills would normally make him a top 15 pick, which he still could be when it is all said and done. The tackling may be an issue at the next level, but that should not stop him from making it in the top round. CJ Henderson was a top 10 pick, Marcus Peters has been one of the better corners in the league, despite having the reputation of being a “poor tackler”. Farley would be able to line up on the outside and put the coaching staff at ease, again, if the injuries are cleared.

Selection: CB Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech

Round 2, Pick 34

Trade Offers:     Dallas – 34 and 154 for 44 and a 2022 2nd round pick

What am I thinking?

There were not a ton of names that I was thrilled with at 34. Having gone defense at 26, offense has to be the way to go here. The top offensive linemen are gone, Najee Harris is long gone and the remaining receivers (Kadarius Toney, Rondale Moore and Elijah Moore) are all grouped together so why not try to move down, get a third second round pick in 2022 in the process? This way getting a receiver or a lineman is still a legitimate scenario.

Trade Accepted with the Dallas Cowboys!

Round 2, Pick 44

Trade Offers:     N/A

What am I thinking?

Kadarius Toney is no longer on the board but the other two receivers are. However, what trumps both of them is getting a new man up front to add to Zach Wilson’s personal security, Landon Dickerson. The former Florida State and Alabama lineman has had a pretty extensive injury history, as we have mentioned. However, every year he comes back and every year his tape looks first round material. 23 and 34 are worthy of being used on Dickerson but the injuries would make many front offices hesitant to select him, but with the additional second round pick in next year’s draft, it is a little easier to bite the bullet. They can line him up at center or guard and be okay, especially since McGovern has the ability to play either spot. Dickerson’s athleticism is not the greatest for this scheme but it is good enough to go along with his power, strength and technique to become a very valued member of this offensive line moving forward.

Selection: iOL Landon Dickerson, Alabama


Round 2, Pick 60

Traded 86 and Dallas’s 2022 2nd round pick to New Orleans Saints for 60

What am I thinking?

Remember those wide receivers we were keeping an eye on earlier? Well, one of them remained and we could not pass on the opportunity. With the Saints going with Rashod Batemen in the first round, it does not seem like they would go this route, making this more of a possibility. Plus, this gets in front of the four teams that made the championship games, where any of which could go wide receiver. Luke and I spoke about Moore last week on Play Like A Jet Live (go subscribe to the YouTube channel) and what he brings to the team. The offense does not have that guy with home run power every time he steps into the box. If you’re still with me, Moore has game breaking speed and agility to potentially get into the endzone every time he touches the ball. There are concerns with his hands and injuries, which seems to be a recurring theme in this mock draft, but he is an absolute game changer, 5’7 or not.

Selection: WR Rondale Moore, Purdue

Round 3, Pick 66

Trade Offers:    N/A

What am I thinking?

An underrated need on this team is linebacker. On paper, it looks like they have CJ Mosley as the MIKE, Jarrad Davis as the SAM and Blake Cashman as the WILL. There are mysteries with all three players, though. Mosley has played one full game in two seasons with the team. Davis only signed a one year deal and was not the greatest player in Detroit, we hope for improvement in this defense but that remains to be seen. As for Cashman, unfortunately he has had a very hard time staying healthy for an extended period of time, both in the league and in college. Bringing in Werner, they get another player to compete for a starting position at either outside linebacker spot in Saleh’s defense in 2021, although his best fit would likely be as the SAM. Even if he doesn’t start right away, this team has been going through seven, eight linebackers per year anyways, so depth never hurts.

Selection: LB Pete Werner, Ohio State

Round 3, Pick 91

Trade Offers:    N/A

What am I thinking?

After trading 86 to go get Rondale Moore, we still have a late third rounder from the move back from 23 to 26. The drop did make us miss out on Tyson Campbell but there is still a quality corner here at 91. Stanford’s Paulson Adebo entered the 2019 season as CB1 on many boards. While his performance against Gabe Davis that year may have dropped him down the boards, he seems like he has fallen off the face of the earth with how little people have talked about him since, granted he did opt out of 2020. With this selection, it gives the defense another option at the outside corner position as his large frame and less than stellar short area quickness locks him to the outside, but he is a great fit for this particular defense. Between Bryce Hall, Farley and Adebo, the position looks to have some potential down the road.

Selection: CB Paulson Adebo, Stanford

Round 4, Pick 107

Trade Offers:     N/A

What am I thinking?

Even with three offensive players taken, there are still a few spots that could at the very least use competition; running back, tight end and either left or right guard. They may be content with Alex Lewis, Greg Van Roten, Dane Feeney or maybe even Cam Clark as a starting guard but based on Chris Herndon’s 2020, they may want to get another guy to compete with the former Hurricane. Tyler Kroft and Trevon Wesco are blocking tight ends and Ryan Griffin could be a casualty if this pick becomes reality. Tremble was never the top tight end for the Fight Irish, often playing behind Cole Kmet in 2019 and then Michael Mayer in 2020. The Notre Dame alum’s aggressiveness in the run game could get him on the field pretty early on, but if he can become a little more nuanced as a route runner, his athleticism shows there could be some upside in the passing game as well. Worst case scenario, maybe Tremble can become what Jusczyk is for San Francisco.

Selection: TE Tommy Tremble, Notre Dame

Round 5, Pick 146

Trade Offers: Tennessee – 166, 215 and 232

What am I thinking?

The offense is starting to take shape but the running backs could use work. Every week we acknowledge what the room looks like right now and that’s why we cannot move back with Tennessee and pass on Khalil Herbert in the process. Not only does he fit but according to Pro Football Network’s Tony Pauline, wrote a while back that he “knows for a fact” that the Jets brass is high on the former Hokie and Kansas Jayhawk. After playing at Kansas for four seasons, Herbert was able to transfer over to Virginia Tech for the 2020. And between those two schools, in his last two seasons he ran for about eight yards per carry in 198 touches. He does not have the greatest agility and has provided very little on third downs but that won’t necessarily be what they are looking for with Coleman, Perine and Johnson all being capable in that department.

Selection: HB Khalil Herbert, Virginia Tech

Round 6, Pick 186

Trade Offers: N/A

What am I thinking?

Another late pick in this series that is based on traits. The tape did not leave the best taste in my mouth but the traits are super interesting. Robinson has a good athletic profile and the length of this kid is remarkable; 86 inch wingspan at over 6’5 and gigantic hands. He has the tools to be a productive player in this league and fitting on the outside of this four man front is likely his best fit. The questions with Robinson is if he can put it all together and if he wants to put it all together. There were times he seemed lackadaisical on the field and that cannot fly at the next level. With the proper coaching and the right mentality, this kid has a chance to become something worth talking about not a long ways down the road. But in this system, he likely rides the bench for a little while.

Selection: DE Janarius Robinson, Florida State

Round 6, Pick 226

Trade Offers: N/A

What am I thinking?

The kicker position is still one that could use an upgrade. Sam Ficken and Sergio Castillo are not it. Chase McLaughin was signed to the team last season, but he has been on five teams in two seasons for a reason. McPherson missed a couple big kicks in 2020, but over his three seasons he has made more than enough to cancel that out. There are people out there that do not like using picks on kickers since it is so unpredictable but I believe this kid has the goods to not have to worry about the position for awhile.

Selection: K Evan McPherson, Florida

At the end of the 2021 NFL Draft the New York Jets walk away with:

1.2 – QB Zach Wilson, BYU

1.26 – CB Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech

2.44 – iOL Landon Dickerson, Alabama

2.60 – WR Rondale Moore, Purdue

3.66 – LB Pete Werner, Ohio State

3.91 – CB Paulson Adebo, Stanford

4.107 – TE Tommy Tremble, Notre Dame

5.146 – HB Khalil Herbert, Virginia Tech

6.186 – DE Janarius Robinson, Florida State

6.236 – K Evan McPherson, Florida

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