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2021 New York Jets Draft

With A Huge Grin, Joe Douglas Hints To The Football world That The New York Jets are Going To Draft Zach Wilson

Throughout his first two years in New York, Jets’ General Manager Joe Douglas has become renowned for his tight lipped approach. Whether in free agency or the lead up to the draft, no one has had their finger on the pulse of the Jets front office. Major credit to Douglas and the discipline of his staff, as the team’s beat reporters have been reduced to watching sci-fi movies because they haven’t been able to get the information necessary to break a major story in the entirety of the general manager’s tenure.

However, that all changed on Tuesday. Douglas was asked about Steve Young’s comments, which suggested that the Jets had been courting BYU QB Zach Wilson and are preparing to take him with the #2 overall pick. The usually cautious GM gave a rye smile, before alluding to what many have believed to be true for months: The Jets are almost certainly going to draft Zach Wilson.

Steve’s plugged in to BYU pretty well. I know it was good being out there at the Pro Day and just had an opportunity to speak to his representatives and say hello to a couple of members of his family…

Jets’ GM Joe Douglas as his press conference on Tuesday afternoon

It would’ve been easy for Douglas to shut down the question; to tell reporters that they were following the process and the BYU Pro Day was simply another pit stop on that journey. But he didn’t. Douglas hinted at the fact that Young was “plugged in” and that the report was indeed factual. As UStadium co-founder Nick Spano suggested on PLAJ earlier this week, Douglas has no reason to lie or create a smokescreen. The Jaguars are taking Trevor Lawrence. No one can leapfrog the Jets and interfere with their plan. In conjunction with that, the Dolphins are no longer picking behind them. There is no downside to being transparent about their plans with the #2 pick.

While Joe Douglas could be taking us all for a ride, all signs point to Zach Wilson being the Jets quarterback of the future. He was already the prohibitive favorite and Monday’s presser only accentuated the beliefs of the NFL community. The Zach Wilson era is upon us!

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