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2022 New York Jets

2022 New York Jets: Is This Now The Mike White Era?

A Week after a dark cloud settled over the Jets organization, the sun was shining again even on a rainy day at Metlife Stadium. Mike White’s debut went as nicely as it could have and the Jets ushered the G.O.A.T “Darelle Revis” into their ring of honor. All season it’s been like this, though there have been some severe injuries and badly executed games, most of 2022 has been like an active exorcism for the New York Jets. In the past, this organization met every decision with dubious motives, causing fans to build an extraordinary memorial of dreadful Jets’ decision-making that they can spout on command if asked. The best part of this season is anticipating the worst at first only to see the best happen because at last true leadership has arrived at Metlife.

Though Picking Zach Wilson second overall last year, can be framed as incredulous if questions like “why lock in on one guy so soon in the process?” was asked. What stood out is how much they worked to surround their guy with as multiple talented players so discovering if he was truly their guy would happen early and with transparency, making reigning him in when needed easier. You can also point out the fact that his mechanics has been abysmal for most of his short career and you can certainly put that at the feet of his coaches. All these issues you can find with most NFL organizations, what makes the successful ones are the decisions that were made right after. Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas have been teaching a leadership master class this season. Joe Douglas was an offensive lineman and believes that they’re the engine that moves an offense so maintaining the right depth is necessary. He moved on from a guy he was fond of in McDermott when he realized that there were more talented guys around that can help this team. Enter Nate Herbig, who has been a force since he became a starter. His nasty, non stop aggressive play has lifted the Jets ran game and stabilized a position that was left influx when Aljah Vera-Tucker was forced outside to the tackle spot due to multiple injuries at that position. The Joe and Robert tandem kept Dezel Mims around even after his initial blow-up over starting time pushing the narrative that they will eventually find a place and he has. Same with Elijah Moore. These delicate situations were carefully handled both in the press and in the back rooms of one jets drive allowing for each to be solved without incident. That in no way would have happened in the past. You can add to these stories the demotion of James Robinson in the last game, going with Zonovan Knight instead, or their move a few weeks ago to demote Joe Flacco and bring Mike White as the second QB on the depth chart, or the lesser move of staying with their heavy rotation on the defensive line until they found a perfect spot between heavy and light rotation, where every lineman is comfortable and performing at their peak.

Every move seems to be like a precarious dance at the edge of a cliff but the steps have been solid and unflinching. From the off-season to in-season moves Joe Douglas has affirmed what we thought of him and so has Robert Saleh. Coach Saleh has changed the culture of this organization, you can feel it in every move and with every word his coaches and players speak. There are still bridges to cross but most fans are not waiting for the other shoe to drop. That’s big. To change that fan dynamic is incredible. Yes, there will always be a few detractors but you can’t win them all. There are a lot of people calling the Zach Wilson demotion a mistake but if Mike White maintains good play like he just did in the win over the Chicago Bears it will just add to the long line of unflinching decisions in the face of adversity that proves to be right the right move. Robert Saleh’s name has also entered the conversation for coach of the year, seeing that his defense which was dead last a year ago, with little change personnel-wise, has become one of the best in the league in one season and his team is playing meaningful games in December after prognosticators though five wins would have been the most they can muster or that 0-5 would have been their 2022 beginning. They New York Jets have their coach and GM and extraordinary things are coming to Metlife Stadium.

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