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2022 New York Jets

2022 New York Jets Inside the Numbers: Week 18 vs Dolphins

The New York Jets’ 2022 season ended on a six game losing streak after capping off their season with a 11-6 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. In a poor offensive showing from both teams, the Dolphins’ offense came out on top, while Joe Flacco and company struggled. However, Garrett Wilson added nearly 100 yards to his already impressive receiving total on the season, and he may now be the favorite again for Offensive Rookie of the Year. The Jets’ season is over and we now have to look forward to the draft and offseason, but let’s dive deep into the stats from their last game.

Final Game for Flacco?

With Mike White’s injury, Joe Flacco got the start, and it may have been the final start of his career. Flacco went 18/33 (54.5% completion rate) for 149 yards, 0 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions. Jets quarterbacks have struggled with completion percentage all season, and this game was no exception. The average NFL completion percentage this season was 64.2%, and Jets quarterbacks surpassed that rate 3 times (Wilson in Week 5 and 9, White in Week 14).

What’s next for Flacco is unknown, but it looks like his time with the Jets is over. One of the main questions will be which quarterback out of Mike White and Zach Wilson to keep as the backup for the veteran that will be brought in for next season.

Offensive Playmakers (aka Garrett Wilson)

Flacco turned to Garrett Wilson on most of his plays this week, especially with the lack of a running game. RB Zonovan Knight had the most carries, with 12, and rushed for 22 yards (1.8 average). Ty Johnson had 5 carries for 12 yards (2.4 average) and Michael Carter had 3 carries for 4 yards (1.3 average). Yes, the offensive line was much more depleted in this game than the Week 5 game against the Dolphins where they rushed for 135 yards (Jets were without Herbig, Vera Tucker, and Brown), but 38 rushing yards is far underwhelming, even without Breece Hall.

Garrett Wilson was the entire offense as he had 9 receptions for 89 yards, and everyone else had only 60 receiving yards combined. This game also saw rookie tight end Jeremy Ruckert active for the first time this season. Even though he only had 1 catch, he was great in the blocking game and provided some upside for next season.

Defensive Stars

The Jets defense stole the show again and kept the offense in the game (just like every other week). They held Skylar Thompson to just 152 passing yards (which was actually 3 more yards than Flacco) and the only points they gave up were 3 field goals. They did allow the Dolphins to rush for 162 yards, but they struggled against Raheem Mostert like they did back in Week 5. Quincy Williams had the lone sack of the night, and the coverage unit held Tyreek Hill to just 2 catches for 23 yards and Jaylen Waddle to 5 catches for 44 yards.

Looking Forward

Going into the offseason, we’ll be discussing all things Jets statistics, with analysis on the future quarterback situation, free agents, and potential draft picks. Next week, we’ll be reviewing the entire New York Jets’ 2022 season through a bunch of different stats.

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